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Blog Post 2

As I move forward in my internship, many of the ideas I had for the project are starting to take shape. I have been able to have meaningful connections with my supervisor and community partner and the WHE group. I have been able to connect with my own nursing supervisor in Canada on the way local nurses progress through their careers. Interestingly enough, there is not a formal career ladder here either, which is evidence that this is global issue in nursing. Although based on a small sample of two hospitals, I feel confident in making this assumption because my research has shown that formal progression through levels or “rungs of a ladder” through a career is something many others attempt to develop.

Moving forward, our plan is to connect with members of the AKUH hospital community at each level of nursing, from beginner to expert. This will help identify areas that nurses deem important to improve. As suggested, language surrounding the meeting and its goals will be important. It is crucial to think about the implications of speaking about one’s employment, even if the intended purpose is to improve safety, job satisfaction and retention. Using a confidential, inclusive and empathetic approach is necessary in these next steps.


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